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Parceles of land in Montenegro

Parcel of land in elite district of Bar

Price: € 4050750

D.O.O. "Chernogor-Stroj" offers for sale a parcel of land 7 365 m2 belonging to the company and located in one of the Montenegro most beautiful cities Bar. The parcel is ideal for investment project of elite lodging or cottage residential settlement construction. The parcel is located in the front line 150 metres away from the sea shore in Ilino Mandarines district. 550 euro/m2.

Parcel of land i Krashici

Price: € 500 000

Full support documentation for villa construction. Distance from the sea shore-56 steps.

Parcel of land Sutomore, Bar

Price: € 850080

The parcel is located closely to children side-shows, discotheques, town beach and recreation area. The permission for designing and construction of buildings with total space of 13 000 sq.m. will be obtained by December 2007. 280 euro/m2.

Parcel of land in Zhanitse Boko-Kotor bay 2100-2800 м2

Price: € 1260000

Parcel of land in Zhanitse, Boko-Kotor bay is located 250 metres from the sea shore.

Parcel of land in Zhanitse Boko-Kotor bay 3040 м2

Price: € 1732800

The parcel of land in Zhanitse Boko-Kotor bay with the plottage of 3 040 m2, designed for construction

Parcel of land in Kotor - St. Stasiie

Price: € 460000

The parcel land has a ruined old house of 230 sq.m. The permission for the construction of a 400 sq.m. house is available. The parcel owns a beach and a moorage.

Parcel of land in Krashici 123000 м2

Price: € 43050000

The parcel of land is located on the front line and has a private beach of 180 metres of shore line. According to the master plan the parcel is designed for the construction of hotel and tourism complex. Communal lines (water, electricity, road) are available.

Parcel of land in Morin Boko-Kotor bay

Price: € 9901180

The Kotor district detailed urban plan foresees the construction of villas on this parcel with total area of 10 000 sq/m. The parcel has a beach of 80 metres of shore line and a small river running through the parcel. The price includes communal communications of 4700 sq/m.

Parcel of land in Petrovac 8600 м2

Price: € 6020000

According to the current plan the parcel is designed for the construction of 2600sq/m building, the construction area may be increased. The parcel is suitable for the construction of villas or hotel complex.

Parcel of land Rosse - 127 000 м2

Price: € 33020000

The parcel of land in Rosse 127 000 sq/м2 on the front line with private beach of 100 metres shore line. According to the master plan the parcel is designed for the construction of hotel and tourism complex.

Parcel of land in Tivat

Price: € 1240000

The parcel has installations with total space of 100 sq.m. Private beach. According to the project two buildings of 800 sq/m each can be constructed. At the investor's wish the space of construction can be increased.


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